Here’s some neat data on the Nextbit Robin and how it’s used


The Nextbit Robin has been out for a few months now, and so far, it’s seemingly being well received. The company recently sent out a survey to see how owners are using their Robin. Surprisingly, over 50% of users have responded, and frankly, the data is quite interesting.

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One of the most intriguing details is that over 20% of those who responded to the survey actually came from an iPhone and not another Android device. According to the survey, Robin owners really love the design, but wish battery life was better. And that’s become Nextbit’s big project: to improve battery life exponentially.

Here’s some other neat details about Nextbit Robin owners, according to this handy infographic (click to enlarge).


To sum it up, Robin owners as a whole use over 58,000 unique applications and have an average of 55 applications on their smartphone taking up 7.5GB. Users who have had the Robin since march take an average of 23 photos per day.

It goes without saying, these are certainly some interesting facts about how people are using the Nextbit Robin. People seem to be loving it, and based on how well received the phone has been, maybe we just might see a successor next year?

source: Nextbit

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  • dextersgenius

    I’d love to see a Robin 2 with 6GB RAM, SD 821, a better camera and better battery life.