Google tossing in a free Daydream View when you buy Pixel

google pixel daydream view

Okay, the Google Pixel (and especially the Pixel XL) is expensive. Like, absolutely highest-end smartphone expensive. Google’s not coming off the price, but they have a deal that might make it just a little bit easier to swallow.

From now until October 19th, if you pre-order a Google Pixel through the Google Store or Project Fi, you’ll receive a voucher code for a free Daydream View VR headset. The code comes in an email a few weeks after your purchase so you’ll have to order things separately, but hey, free stuff!

The Daydream View will cost $79 on its own, making this promotion slightly less valuable than Samsung’s similar free Gear VR promotion, but this is still a cheaper way to get started with virtual reality applications on a very capable smartphone.

There are a few catches to this promotion, so keep that in mind whenever you’re deciding on your purchase. The biggest one is that the Pixel has to be purchased from the Google Store or through Project Fi, not Verizon, the only carrier selling the phone in the US. Speaking of the US, that’s currently the only country where the offer is available, so anyone outside of the United States should wait for some confirmation if you’re considering trying to get the bundle.

Anyone already put in their order for a new phone?

source: Google Store (Twitter)

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  • Chas

    In the UK we get 3 months of Google Play Music. WOW!

  • ZBlade

    In Australia, we get nothing at all. Well do get a big hole in our wallet when the Pixel XL 128gb cost $1419.