Google WiFi announced to enhance and simplify your home network


Today, at their big hardware event in San Francisco, Google announced its new solution for your home wireless network, Google WiFi, to provide improved and seamless coverage across your home so you will always have a stable and fast connection.

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Let’s face it, most of us do an awful lot of internet-based things in our homes. From our phones and tablets, to our TV streaming boxes, computers, gaming consoles, etc, there are many devices simultaneously connected to the same network and fighting over the bandwidth. Not to mention the threat of walls, distance and other interferences, it can sometimes be difficult to properly manage your network so everyone can enjoy what they’re doing without interruption. Google is hoping to change all of that with their new Google Wifi router system, which takes a lot of what their OnHub device from last year offered and builds upon it.

For many of us, we get our home wireless connection from a single router device that’s often just the one that came directly from your Internet Service Provider. Most of the time this works just fine, but there are a number of factors that can play out that can end up negatively impacting either your connection speeds or your ability to connect at all. With Google WiFi, Google is aiming to get customers to purchase several of these sleek devices to place them around your home so you’re never without a proper connection.

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The idea behind this is not new, as there are many devices out there that extend the range of your connection or create mini virtual networks. Often with these devices, however, the user must create an additional wireless network that a device would have to make a new connection to. Google WiFi will allow a single wireless network to exist in your home that each device connects to and seamlessly stays connected as you move around your house. Even if you buy just one Google WiFi device, however, Google is still promising an improved wireless experience.


Google is also utilizing a technology called “mesh WiFi” that will allow each Google WiFi device to not only generate a strong connection, but work together to determine the best channel for your phone, computer, etc. to connect to so your internet is always fast no matter where you are in the house. Pair this with the Google WiFi companion app on your smartphone and you can not only see what devices are connected and how much bandwidth they are using, but prioritize certain devices that require a stronger connection. The app will also let you pause WiFi access to any of the connected devices (it’s dinner time kids, get off the internet!).

Google WiFi will retail for $129 for a single device and $299 for a three-pack and will be up for per-order in the U.S. in November. You can join the waitlist now to be the first to know when Google WiFi is available.

Source: Google

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