Google Home is here to take on the Amazon Echo


At Google’s event in San Francisco the company finally shed more details on Google Home, the product first mentioned at Google I/O 2016 earlier this year. Well, it’s official and is here to take on Amazon’s Echo device as well as the Alexa voice assistant.

Google’s new digital Assistant–aptly called Assistant–is packed into Google Home to bring you the best hands-free experience possible. Employing Knowledge Graph and all sorts of other neat machine learning technology, Assistant will be able to respond to your questions and queries in a natural language, just as your friends and family would talk to you.

Google Home and Assistant, paired together, are able to provide you with music streaming from YouTube, Pandora, iHeartRadio and many other services.

If the voice assistant part of Google Home ever fails you, the top of the device actually serves as a capacative touchscreen, where you can manually alter the volume or even pause your music.

The top half of Google Home is actually removable, allowing you to swap out the bottom piece with an array of different color options. Some color options include black, orange, purple, white and a few other shades.


Google Home seamlessly works with smart home products from Nest, SmartThings, IFTTT and Phillips. In other words, you’ll be able to have a true smart home where you’ll be able to use Google Home as a hub for access to all of your other gadgets.

If you haven’t subscribed to YouTube Red yet and want to pre-order Google Home, you’ll get six months of YouTube Red with that pre-order, though Google will likely extend that offer to when you can just buy the device straight away.

Google Home pre-orders start today at just $129. It’s set to officially launch on November 4 and should see retail availability the same day or shortly after.

source: Google

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