Unsupported cards will stop working with Android Pay on October 14

Android Pay AMEX

That headline probably seems like a “well, duh” moment, but when Google first launched Android Pay, they let users migrate all of their cards over from Google Wallet. That included some cards from banks that don’t officially support Android Pay, which everyone knew was going to be a problem sooner or later, especially after Google Wallet was officially axed.

Well, that problem is here, and Google is letting everyone know that if you have any unsupported cards set up in Android Pay, they’re going to stop working later this month on October 14th. If you have other supported cards set up on the app, it will automatically default to the next one in line, but otherwise you’re going to need to manually add in a card to continue using the service.

Google didn’t offer up a reason as to why they can’t continue to support the unsupported cards, but it’s likely a cost issue. There were plenty of rumors that the way Google handled Google Wallet transactions had them eating a ton of transaction fees, which was probably resolved to be more beneficial to Google with Android Pay. Now that Android Pay has been out for a while, it’s relatively safe for Google to cut off those old cards so they can start renegotiating deals with banks to take advantage of the newer tech.

Anybody still hanging onto an old Google Wallet virtual card in Android Pay?

source: Google

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