Google hires David Foster, Amazon’s former head of hardware, to run smartphone development


When you decide to manufacture your own line of smartphones, it’s probably best to place someone with the relevant experience in charge of producing hardware. This is what Google would appear to have done by hiring David Foster, formerly of Amazon, as VP of product engineering ahead of the company’s launch event later today, according to The Information. Join us after the break to find out more about David Foster, and where he has come from.

Let’s start off with a brief synopsis of his qualifications, and here we can see from David Foster’s LinkedIn profile that he is a graduate of Oxford University, holding both an MA and BA in Electrical and Electronics Engineering. After graduating, he spent 6 years working at IBM as a Research Staff Manager until 1993, after which he became a senior director at SuperMac Technology for just over a year. He then spent two years at a company called Radius, before leaving to become vice president of Engineering at NetPower until June 1998.

After 1998, David Foster’s resume becomes much more interesting, beginning with him working as a senior director at Apple for almost 6 years, working on product lines such as the G5 and G4 tower lines, the Powerbook, iPod hard drive, the Airport wireless networking family among other core technologies. He then spent a year at Gibson Guitar as Chief Technology Officer before moving on to Microsoft where he worked for just over 5 and a half years. During his time at Microsoft, he was responsible for device hardware activity, working on the Windows Phone Chassis program, the Zune HD, and device development.

In 2011, David Foster moved on to Amazon, another big hitter in the tech world, where he worked at Lab126 leading development of the Kindle Voyage and Paperwhite e-reading devices, as well as the Kindle Fire range of tablets, the Echo, Fire TV and the Dash device.

As you can see from his resume, David Foster has a solid background in developing hardware having worked at Microsoft, Apple, and Amazon previously. He is expected to lead hardware development for the search giant’s range of Pixel smartphones, reporting to Rick Osterloh, who is the head of Google’s new hardware division.

Source: The Information

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