Android phones best Apple’s iPhone 7 battery life


This may be hard for Apple and its loyalists to hear, but the iPhone 7 does not have better battery life than the best Android phones.

Which?, a U.K.-based publication, put the iPhone 7 against the HTC 10, G5, and Galaxy S7 to see where the phones ranked in terms of battery life.

Here’s an explanation of the publication’s battery life testing:

In the interest of fairness, we test battery life using our own phone network simulator. This ensures that the signal strength is consistent for each test, which is important as a phone has to expend more power when it’s struggling for reception. We also set the screen brightness on every phone to the same level. Finally, we perform  a full ‘power cycle’ of each phone’s battery prior to testing – that means fully discharging and then charging it.

The tests were completed with the iPhone 7 running iOS 10 and the 2016 flagships from HTC, Samsung, and LG running Android 6.0 Marshmallow.


The results from the tests show that Apple’s iPhone 7 sits in dead last among the four devices in both call time and internet time. Samsung’s Galaxy S7 and LG’s G5 sat in the middle of the pack while HTC and Apple capped the ends. HTC has gone on to proclaim the victory on social media to prove the HTC 10 is a great phone.

When looking at call time, you’ll notice the iPhone 7 wasn’t anywhere close to third place. The Galaxy S7, clocking in with 1,492 minutes, doubled the iPhone 7’s battery life. It was a tighter race for internet time, but Apple’s flagship was still in last by 25 minutes to the G5.

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If you’ve been on Twitter in recent days, you’ve likely seen people complaining about battery life with iOS 10. It appears the latest version of Apple’s mobile operating system isn’t properly optimized with the hardware to give lengthy battery life. These Android devices, though, have all been praised for strong battery life.

A big contributor for the HTC 10, Galaxy S7, and G5 dominating the iPhone 7 here is battery size. The iPhone 7 has a small 1960mAh battery while none of the others have a battery less than 3000mAh, so there’s the opportunity for Apple to spin this around.

Source: Which?

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  • Scardal Xedcba

    You always notice this. The i-sheeps never allow them to be above a certain distance to a socket!

  • Paladin

    “that means fully discharging and then charging it.” Bad mistake. You should never completely deplete a lithium ion battery. I have two flagship androids and an iphone 6s Plus with a 7 plus on order. From my own experience, I actually get better life in day-to-day use from the iphone than either of my androids. Often I go two days with the iphone. Androids need charging every night.

  • John NYC

    Where’s the iPhone 7 Plus on that list?

    • Edgardo A. Soto Rodriguez

      Is still not arrive yet.. You can’t even order it yet..LoL

      • Paladin

        Yes you can. I have one ordered and coming Oct 26. And what about all the people that already have them? Many thousands of people

  • Avik Sarkar

    I am glad that Apple-addicts have gone beyond their brand-fixation to literally descend on the technological plane where every new update is reviewed for their pros and cons!

  • Paladin

    Yeah, right, tell another lie.

    • Lee Cole

      Samsung phones, lg and htc etc have fast charge and wireless charge. I phones still use normal slow charge. 1900mah batteries is so 2012

  • Paladin

    That’s not real-life use. In real life my iphone 6s plus has as good as or better battery life than two of my flagship android phones.

  • Mongi

    When I first got my iPhone 6 I could go the best of 4 days without charge with only making a few calls and txt and the odd facebook usage, now no so good but could still do 2 days if I needed! But as soon as you get into any games it goes fast.

  • Lee Cole

    I phones are crap, boring looking and they’ve only just released a water resistant phone. Sony been doing it years and Samsung, even htc. More customisation with android. Memory cards not avaliable on I phones. Battery life is crap on most I phones. Etc some plus models but look at the size of them, who can put an I phone plus in their pockets

  • will

    I have had iPhone 7 from launch day. I find the battery every bit as good as the android flagships. Not better but just as good.
    I think it’s fair to mention that it doesn’t get the same odd phantom battery drainage as android gets.
    I thinks it should be said that the android phones here are all bigger phones with bigger batteries also.
    Should this silly person not be using and apple7+ for comparison.

  • Quest Adams

    My opinion is that the reason iPhone 7 is best it due to the memory, via of having a micro chip than iPhone which doesn’t require one. I think a lot of people look for that security in a phone incase misplace their device. Hopefully apple will consider a long battery life span in the near future. With all said and done, something will always have pros and cons