Google spoke with companies about building Google Home-like devices


Google will officially begin its war with Amazon in your residence by releasing Google Home this fall. It’s a device powered by all of Google’s services that is positioned to directly compete with Amazon’s Echo; however, now it seems Google Home won’t be the only device of its kind.

A Variety report says Google is speaking with potential partners about creating devices just like Google Home.


One month after announcing the device at I/O 2016, Google is said to have “revealed key details of this plan during a close-door meeting with industry insiders” from the world of audio. The meeting, held at the company’s headquarters in Mountain View, involved audio industry experts as the Google Cast technology they’re familiar with will play a big part in Google Home.

These potential partners are being courted to develop smart speakers, which would mean Google Home could live somewhat as a reference device to give others an idea of what’s possible. That’s unlikely, though, as Google is getting very serious about hardware. So the stronger possibility is that Google just wants to dominate the market with its technology by allowing partners to create their own hardware.

We’ve already seen two Google Cast-ready devices, the Chromecast and Chromecast Audio, take off for Google while others try to capture the same success with the simple technology. The hope is that Google Home-like devices, with Google Assistant integrated as well, could be more appealing to the masses since Amazon sparked great interest in digital assistants.

The major catch for any company working with Google on a Google Home-like device is an exclusivity agreement that bars them from implementing another digital assistant platform. Usually Google doesn’t care what else a partner does, but it seems that its opinion has changed and something like Amazon’s Alexa technology cannot exist in a device alongside Google’s setup.

Expect Google Home to be launched on October 4 with a price of $130, putting it well below the cost of the Amazon Echo.

Source: Variety

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