HBO and Cinemax come to Playstation Vue – plus a new Ultra plan

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Happy news for all you Playstation Vue subscribers: starting today you can enjoy all the shows from HBO and Cinemax as either individual subscriptions or part of newly announced Ultra plan.

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Streaming services have long been overtaking traditional cable TV as a way to enjoy your favorite shows, movies and live content and PlayStation has been pretty successful with its PlayStation Vue complete with 100+ live channels and plenty of on-demand content. Users will be able to add live streaming of HBO or Cinemax as standalone channels each for $15 per month. PlayStation announced that they will be the first “internet-based pay-TV service” to offer that without having to subscribe to some kind of bundle.

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Of course, you still have the option for a big bundle of content as PlayStation is also introducing a new Ultra subscription plan, which will include 100+ channels as well as HBO and Cinemax. This plan will go for either $64.99 or $74.99 depending on location. If you subscribe with any of those available options you will also get access to the HBO Now service at no extra charge to enjoy every one of the channel’s past and current content. Also worth noting is the the HBO now app is launching today for the PS4 and PS3.

Source: PlayStation Blog

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  • Timothy Duncan

    Don’t make this mistake!!!! Sony VUE is horrible. I have had a very dismal experience with Sony VUE!!!! Did a trial of the service that seemed good. Then purchased VUE and RedZone channel for season. First Sunday watching was horrible. Even with over 150mbit download speeds, the best images I could get were un recognizable. SlingTV streamed RedZone very well at the same time. Sony VUE service told me that I would receive a refund prorated for the remainder of what I had paid for when I called to cancel. Then they sent me an email denying any refund. They say they don’t refund anything, period (even though I was promised a refund verbally on the phone). Their “terms of service” states “All sales are final.” This means you are screwed even if they can’t deliver you anything but an image that is just a bunch of blobs. This is what I got for three hours straight: Don’t make the same mistake I did. What a horrible experience. I will never be a Sony customer of anything again.