Samsung’s Galaxy S8 might go Exynos-only next year


Lately there’s been a ton of buzz over Apple’s incredibly impressive A10 Fusion CPU in the iPhone 7, and an appropriate head scratching over why we don’t see blistering edge processors like that on Android’s side of the fence, especially from Qualcomm, especially since Qualcomm is the de facto flagship CPU manufacturer.

Samsung is wondering that, too, considering they make their own high-end chips that can even outperform what Qualcomm offers. They tested the waters with the Galaxy S6 and Note 5 that both exclusively used Samsung’s in-house Exynos chips, but performance was just okay. With most other flagship Samsung phones, the globe is split with half Exynos versions and half Snapdragon versions.

Despite the rough, rocky test with the GS6, Samsung might be hopping back to only using Exynos processors for the Galaxy S8. Specifically, the beefy Exynos 8895 with a powerful Mali-G71 GPU.

The Exynos 8895 is reportedly being manufactured using a 10nm process, and the GPU is supposedly 1.8 times more powerful than the GPU that powers the Exynos version of the Galaxy S7. It’s also faster than the leaked benchmarks of the Snapdragon 830, which is another feather in Samsung’s cap.

We’re still expecting a 4k screen in the Galaxy S8, and if that does end up being true Samsung is going to need a processor to keep up. Apparently Samsung doesn’t have faith that Qualcomm will be able to pull that off with the Snapdragon 830, so an in-house Exynos processor is the next best thing.

With how much better the Exynos Galaxy S7 performed, I can’t say I’d be surprised to see Samsung go this route. It will certainly put Qualcomm in a bind, however. No one wants to lose the most popular Android flagship in the world.

source: SamMobile

About the Author: Jared Peters

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  • Brad Ward

    It’s not just going to need a good processor to keep up, but a hefty battery as well. Preferably one that does not explode, but I might be asking too much there. ;)

    • QwertyJuan


    • Gordo

      Samsung has the best batteries what are you talking about

  • LowJoe

    Jared, I don’t know why you said the s6 and note 5 performance was just okay…it was far superior to the snapdragon processors of that year, the 808 and 810. No thermal throttling, no overheating. And my Note 5 still flies through anything I throw at it.

  • socalman777

    confusing article. who makes what? Jared, be a little clearer in your writing.

  • THEREAL-PapaSnarf