Hulu gets two new exclusive series for its virtual reality app


Hulu is getting two new exclusive shows made for its virtual reality app, according to a report from Variety. There’s been a big hole in the virtual reality industry as far as actual content goes, let alone quality VR content. But now, it seems like Hulu will be getting something worthwhile.

The first of the two series is a comedy show called Virtually Mike and Nora, which will star Nora Kirkpatrick and Mike O’Brien. The news program, The Big Picture: News in Virtual Reality, is pretty self-explanatory, being a virtual reality news program.

Both series are being developed by RYOT Studios and will air in the fall.

Google has been working with Hulu to produce exclusive content for the search giant’s upcoming Daydream VR platform, but these two specific series will be a Hulu exclusive.

Hulu seems to be only testing the waters here, committing to just five episodes of Virtually Mike and Nora. The virtual reality news show will see just 10 episodes.

From Variety:

“Virtually Mike and Nora” aims to make the viewer part of the show, said Kirkpatrick, who is known for her parts in “The Office” and “Greek”. “That changed the shape of our jokes and direction of our stories,” she said. ‘I think we’ve come up with a way to break down the wall between performer and audience member, and explore comedy in 360 degrees.’”

Suffice to say, the comedy show will be intriguing as it finds a way to include the audience. The news program will be a little different than your traditional TV news, featuring only handpicked stories that might fit well within the confines of virtual reality.

It looks like this fall when the two series launch, all five episodes of the comedy series will be immediately available. On the other hand, the news program will see a new episode every two weeks and will feature three news segments.

Keep in mind that today is the first day of fall, so it actually shouldn’t be that long now before we see these two series become available.

source: Variety

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