Don’t expect any waterproof Pixel phones


Waterproofing is becoming a standard and very convenient feature in smartphones, but Google’s upcoming Nexus Pixel phones probably won’t know how to swim. A new report claims that both of Google’s new phones will be IP53 rated, which means it won’t explode if it gets splashed, but you shouldn’t be testing it near any bodies of water.

IP53 is a pretty common rating for other non-waterproof phones and means that it won’t suffer any damage as long as it’s only splashed with low-intensity water. It does specifically mean that the phone won’t get damaged while being used upright, but a phone laying flat on a table may have a problem keeping heavy rain out of its internals.

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For reference, IPX7 or IPX8 rated phones are the ones that can actually be submersed in water, like Samsung’s Galaxy S7 phones. The higher that last number, the better the water resistance, so obviously a phone that’s rated IP53 is a very far cry from being rugged or durable towards water. The first number rates dust resistance, so at least the Pixel phones will be very standard there, although that’s significantly less marketable.

Hopefully waterproofing won’t kill your interest in the Pixel phones.

source: Android Police

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