Samsung’s US President and COO releases an apology for the Galaxy Note 7


You’re probably tired of hearing about the Galaxy Note 7 recall, but it’s still the hottest (pun definitely intended) issue with Android right now. At this point, we’re just waiting for replacement devices to roll in and for Samsung to get everyone swapped out to put this to bed once and for all, which might happen sooner rather than later when people start noticing their Note 7 batteries are getting gimped via an update.

President and COO of Samsung Electronics America, Tim Baxter, has certainly had to deal with a bulk of the backlash of the exploding phones in the US, so he’s stepped up to the plate to release a formal apology video over the entire situation.

The good news is that it’s not a deflection or an excuse or anything of the sort. Samsung botched these batteries and he knows it and owns up to it in the video without throwing suppliers under the bus. Baxter also stresses the importance of actually turning off and replacing your device, imploring users not to keep testing a potentially dangerous, exploding phone. They’ve already replaced 130,000 units and all replacements should be available by September 21st.

Here’s the video on YouTube, thanks to Android Police:


If you’re still using a Galaxy Note 7, be sure to take the advice and go get an exchange.

source: Samsung

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  • Robert John Hebert

    Samsung should release ASAP the Note 8 along side the S8 smartphones, and ALL need to have removable batteries so that cool batteries can be installed as needed after charging outside the phone, because all Samsung Galaxy phones overheat! And… all batteries decline in performance by 50% after 6 months to 1 year! Get a clue Samsung and release REAL flagship phones. The last flagship Samsung Galaxy phones were the Note 4 and Note Edge. For the smartphones to be truly flagship phones, not only do the batteries and super-SD cards need to be removable, the screens need to be several times as energy efficient as now, the processors need extremely improved memory and processor management, all smartphone products should include an S Pen, a cordless quick charger, a home & car charger and iconX cordless earbuds IN THE BOX!

    • TIMZ

      Absolutely spot on. I own a Note 4 for those very reasons, removable battery and memory card.

      Let’s hope GN8 brings back that features otherwise I won’t upgrade and stick with my trusty GN4.