Samsung and the feds formally recall the Galaxy Note 7, replacements due on September 21


Samsung today in conjunction with the US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) announced a formal recall of the Galaxy Note 7 due to problems with the lithium-ion battery. This formal announcement in partnership with the feds makes it illegal to sell a faulty Galaxy Note 7 within the US.

The Korean tech giant issued a voluntary recall of the device not that long ago, but received backlash by not working through official channels.

The CPSC notes that reports of problems with the phone within the US has grown exponentially. There were originally only 35 confirmed reports of issues with the battery, but that has since grown to 92 reports, likely even more worldwide. According to the CPSC, this includes “26 reports of burns and 55 reports of property damage, including fires in cars and a garage.

We’ve heard quite a few reports in the US of the Galaxy Note 7 causing damage. It was the cause of a South Carolina house fire, a horrible car fire in Florida, and so many more problems.


Due to the danger of the device, Samsung issues that aforementioned voluntary recall, which included a whopping 2.5 million devices worldwide. Soon after, the company launched an exchange program. Unfortunately, and according to Recode, only 130,000 Galaxy Note 7’s have been returned as part of that exchange program. That’s a disheartening number, when you consider how much harm the other 2.3 million devices could cause.

Samsung has begun rolling out an update in Korea that would cap the battery capacity at 60% to hopefully create a temporary fix for the battery explosions. Unfortunately, the update hasn’t been seen outside of Korea.

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Samsung and the CPSC says that any device purchased before September 15 in the US will be eligible for a refund or exchange through the carrier or retailer the device was purchased from.

Through Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 exchange program, consumers will be able to:

  1. Exchange your current Galaxy Note7 device with a new Galaxy Note7 as approved by the CPSC available no later than September 21, 2016; or
  2. Exchange your current Galaxy Note7 for a Galaxy S7 or Galaxy S7 edge and replacement of any Note7 specific accessories with a refund of the price difference between devices; or
  3. Contact your point of purchase to obtain a refund.

Customers who exchange their Galaxy Note 7 in will also be compensated for their trouble. Sponsored by Samsung, you should receive a $25 gift card, in-store credit, in-store accessory credit or bill credit from select carriers and retailers.


To find out if your device is eligible, you can head on over to Samsung’s official page for the Galaxy Note 7 exchange program and enter your IMEI number to be automatically checked if it is identified as a defective device or not. Alternatively, you can do this through the Samsung+ app, which will automatically check eligibility for you.

If you own a Galaxy Note 7 purchased before September 15, you are urged to immediately return the device for your safety and the safety of others.

Samsung says they will have new units available at carriers and retailers as soon as September 21.

source CPSC, Samsung

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