Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 caused this insane car fire


We’ve heard quite a bit about the Galaxy Note 7 and it’s exploding battery. It’s causing quite a bit of damage, being the cause of house fires and other unfortunate situations. Most recently, the Port St. Lucie police department out of Florida is saying that the Galaxy Note 7 might have been the cause of an awful car fire.

The Port. St Lucie police posted a video of the car completely engulfed in flames on its Facebook page alongside a statement from the car’s driver.

The driver said that he was charging his “Samsung 7” phone, and soon after, it burst into flames. We’re not entirely sure if he was referring to the Galaxy S7, S7 Edge or Note 7. But, with the Note 7 being the cause of a worldwide recall due to battery complications, the assumption is that this is the Galaxy Note 7.

You can see the video from West Palm Beach news station WPTV News below.

The cause of the fire is still being investigated by the Fire Marshall to find out if the phone did indeed explode like the driver claims it did.

Samsung issued a worldwide recall of the Galaxy Note 7 early this month because of a faulty battery that would cause the phone to explode.

Those who own a Galaxy Note 7 are urged to turn it in for a replacement immediately. You can check out the full return process here.

source: Port St. Lucie Police Department (Facebook)

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