Samsung likely to go with China’s ATL for Galaxy Note 7 batteries


After several weeks of dealing with exploding Galaxy Note 7 batteries, Samsung has been hesitant to give anyone any definite answers. We know there’s a recall, but it’s only half official and Samsung is just trying to get the phones back without completely barring them from sale to the public. The FAA doesn’t want you to take your Note 7 on an airplane, but hasn’t officially banned it. We don’t know when the new phones will actually be available to purchase again.

The entire situation has been a mess of muddy questions and no crystal answers, not even when it comes to what’s actually causing the phones to blow up. 

However, a new report suggests that we’re finally getting some clarity on how Samsung is moving forward with the Note 7. We know that the batteries are the problem with the device, and that Samsung used multiple suppliers for the phone including Chinese vendors and Samsung’s own SDI subsidiary. It looks like the Chinese batteries were not the source of the phone’s problems, as Samsung will begin exclusively using Chinese-based Amperex Technology Limited (ATL) for shipments going forward.

This report comes from ATL announcing that they had received additional orders for the Note 7, while a South Korean news agency also added that Samsung will exclusively be using ATL for batteries in the Note 7 going forward.

Analysts seem to think that ATL is only taking the reigns until the end of the year while Samsung sorts out SDI’s battery manufacturing issues. After the end of the year, the company will probably go back to using multiple vendors for batteries to keep up with demand.

source: Reuters

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