‘The View’ hams it up over iPhone 7, courtesy of Apple partnership


It’s expected that a company will hype its new flagship as the best thing the world has ever seen, but no one does it with as little care as Apple. We’ve seen Apple announce products and services over the years that are said to be ‘revolutionary’ but only repeat or slightly improve what we’ve had before. These loose claims of mesmerizing capabilities have long been the center of laughter for the public.

The iPhone 7, which was announced on September 7, aims to rattle the mobile industry by ditching the auxiliary port and redirecting people to the lonely in-house Lightning-based port. Like Lenovo, Apple believes it can get by with just one port for everything; however, there was tons of backlash from the public after the company confirmed the auxiliary port’s absence from the iPhone 7.

Naturally, Apple is doing everything possible to keep the negative opinions to a minimum. First up to defend the iPhone 7’s shortcoming are the hosts of ABC’s The View. There’s a special reason as to why they’re praising Apple, though.


This morning on The View, the iPhone 7 was part of the show’s Hot Topics segment as a clear result of the partnership between Apple and The Walt Disney Company, ABC’s parent.

When the hosts brought up the iPhone 7’s launch and the missing auxiliary port, the audience groaned and booed. Immediately, the program shifted into a heavy pro-Apple spot.


One host compared it to most laptops not having disk drives, which is totally unrelated. Another pointed to the new AirPods that connect to the iPhone 7 without wires, but it seems that host was unaware of its $159 price tag on top of a $649 device. Anyone who wants to use their accessories that require an auxiliary port will need to utilize Apple’s included adapter, which means you can’t charge the iPhone 7 at the same time. It’s a hassle, and it’s a hassle that The View was paid to gloss over.

The relationship between Apple and The Walt Disney Company goes way back to the days when Steve Jobs invested in Pixar, which is now owned by Disney. Jobs then earned a seat on the company’s board. Today, Disney CEO Bob Iger sits on Apple’s board. So it’s a very cozy arrangement.

Head over to Mediaite to watch Whoopi Goldberg, Candace Cameron-Bure, Joy Behar, Raven Symone, and Jedediah Bila gloat over the iPhone 7 on The View.

Via: Mediaite

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  • Russ

    Oh give me a break. Is that really what it comes down to these days? No aux port. So what? These are the same people complaining that they removed the old 30 pin adapter but now couldn’t care less. People like to complain for the sake of complaining. Times change. If you don’t like the fact it doesn’t have one, don’t buy the phone, but I can guarantee over the next few years, the others will do he same. And let’s face it, it could be worse, you could have a Samsung that sets on fire – now that’s a real problem.

    • it’s me tim-cock.

      Isheep spotted.

      • http://www.Swinesungsucks.com/ THEREAL-PapaSnarf

        Tell us about your special phone Sheep.

        • it’s me tim-cock.

          You’re talking to Tim boy, you forgot?

          • http://www.Swinesungsucks.com/ THEREAL-PapaSnarf

            Oh are you a insecure android sheep fan girl?

    • Paladin

      Well said, Russ. Apple was the first to drop floppy disks from their computers. Everyone complained. Then everyone followed suit. Apple was the first to see the future coming again by dropping DVD/CD drives from their computers because everything is downloaded/streamed digitally now. Everyone complained. then everyone followed suit. Apple is the first to switch from that 100 year old analog plug and go digital connection. Everyone complains. Next year everyone will follow suit. I’m actually an Android fanboy and have been since the very first Nexus, then the worlds largest phone, the 4.3″ Evo! But that new camera on the 7 PLUS is going to make me give it a try. I still have 3 android flagship phones, but that camera has me hooked. A real optical zoom. I’ve been praying for that for years.

  • Adina Nechama Hirschmann

    It seems like Apple likes to promote doing without essential features most people depend on to be a virtue. The closest analogy I can draw on is saying that, because there are electric cars being manufactured, all cars should run better without gasoline. However, you can buy their “auxiliary” gas tank for an additional couple of grand.