Nest announces a slew of new products and features including an outdoor camera and person recognition

nest color thermostat

Nest has announced a few new products and some useful features for their existing products that will make your home automation that much better.

The simplest change to their lineup is that they’re now offering the iconic Nest thermostat in three new colors in addition to the stainless steel finish that the smart appliance launched with. Now you’ll be able to pick up one in white, black, or a very bold copper finish. These new colors should make it a bit easier to find a Nest thermostat to fit into whatever room you’re trying to match.

Nest is also releasing a brand new outdoor camera to complement the Nest Cam Indoor, completing its family of always-on streaming security cameras. They’re bringing some new software features with the outdoor camera, too, including person alerts and a useful addition to the Nest app called Sightline.

Sightline is a simple but effective way to browse through multiple days/hours of footage from your Nest camera. It shows you what the Nest camera has recorded but will pull out key moments from recorded footage and only show you the important bits. No more sitting through six hours of video just to look for two minutes of something exciting.

nest app

If you have Nest Aware, the Nest Cam will also alert you if it detects a person. The camera intelligently picks out people and not just swaying branches, and it will tell you if it’s certain that it’s a person in the video or if it only suspects that it’s a person.

On top of all of that, Nest is also giving all users free 3-hour video history, with the unlimited history locked behind a Nest Aware subscription.

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