To modular or not? Nexpaq says ‘no’ despite rumors


Yesterday news broke about Google’s decision to pull the plug on their modular phone initiative, Project Ara. This was a big disappointment to many who had been looking forward to the concept finally becoming a reality. Since then the rumor mill has been in full swing thanks to a tweet from Nexpaq regarding Dan Makoski, founder of Project Ara and former head of design with Google ATAP, as well as an earlier tweet about the company’s work on modular tech.

The first step on the journey occurred when Nexpaq announced that Makoski had officially joined Nexpaq. Some sources surmised that Makoski’s comments relative to his disappointment with Google’s decision and his belief that the modular concept was not dead pointed to development being taken up by Nexpaq. This was reinforced by a Kickstarter campaign for modular phone cases by Nexpaq indicating the company is already in alignment with the concept.

Since Makoski’s move to Nexpaq was first acknowledged and claims were made that the company was taking up the modular phone concept, the company has issued a clarification to make it clear that they are not working on a module smartphone. That move was probably necessary given an earlier tweet by Nexpaq where they indicated they were “working hard on the future of modular tech!”

As things now stand, the market waits to see whether another company will step into the modular phone space. Both LG and Motorola have dabbled with modular concepts with their latest flagship devices. However, the modules thus far have been for add-on accessories like special cameras, sound systems or larger battery options. Project Ara differed in that Google was attempting to make the core components of the smartphone modular in nature.

source: Nexpaq (Twitter)
via: Android Police

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