T-Mobile halts sales of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 amidst recall, other carriers following suit


Earlier today we reported that Samsung has indeed started a recall of the Galaxy Note 7 due to problems with batteries exploding or catching on fire. Samsung is still developing a plan for how to replace units previously purchased and they have halted shipments of the device and they are getting retailers to pull stock from shelves. Getting a jump on Samsung’s actions, T-Mobile took a step on its own to suspend sales of the Galaxy Note 7.

If you visit the T-Mobile web site, you will find that the Galaxy Note 7 is no longer listed in the web store. Besides on-line sales, T-Mobile has stopped sales through all other channels, so the devices should not be found at local retail shops either. T-Mobile indicates they are working on a plan to take care of their customers who already purchased a Galaxy Note 7.

T-Mobile’s official statement is direct:

“Earlier today, Samsung announced that it has stopped sales globally of the Galaxy Note7. T-Mobile has suspended sales of the device in all channels.

We are working closely with Samsung as they are finalizing details of their exchange program for the Note7, and we want to make sure T-Mobile customers are taken care of as Samsung works to resolve this.

Starting immediately, customers who are concerned about using the Note 7 can return the device to T-Mobile for a full, complete refund. They’ll get a full refund of anything paid for the device and any Note7 accessories. We’ll waive any restocking charges and shipping fees, and customers can keep the free Netflix subscription they received with purchase during pre-order. 

Customers can visit their local T-Mobile store where they bought the device or call 611 or 1-800-937-8997 to do this, and they can then use their refund to choose a similar device or any device in T-Moble’s stores, including a new Note7 replacement which we expect to be available in the next two weeks.

We will update this statement as we have more information from Samsung regarding their exchange program for customers.”

At the present time, it appears AT&T has also pulled the Galaxy Note 7 from their online store as it is no longer listed. Sprint still has the device listed on their web site, but they do indicate that they are out of stock. Meanwhile, Verizon continues to not only show the device for sale, but they are currently indicating a shipping date of September 7th. If you happen to go a different route, say through a retailer like Best Buy, they are currently similar to Sprint in that they list the device on their site, but indicate it is sold out. Presumably, Sprint and Verizon will catch up shortly to Samsung’s action and remove the device from their online stores as well as retail establishments.

via: TmoNews

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