Investigation launched by Samsung for Galaxy Note 7 battery explosions


Update (9/2/16): Samsung has announced a recall affecting devices sold around the world.

Original Story:

It’s going to be a rough next couple of weeks for Samsung as the company confirmed its problems with the Galaxy Note 7, which only launched less than one month ago. The problem is the growing number of devices experiencing battery explosions.

An investigation has been launched by Samsung to see what is happening and what will be done to fix the problem.


Shortly after the phone went on sale, owners of the Galaxy Note 7 started sharing bizarre and frightening experiences in which the battery exploded. Obviously that’s not something your phone should be doing, and it’s very dangerous for anyone nearby when the battery explosion occurs. Originally, many people thought these were isolated incidents as we’ve seen this type of thing happen in the past. But it turns out there are way more than a handful of people experiencing battery explosions with their Galaxy Note 7.

On August 31, Reuters revealed that Samsung was halting shipments of the phone to check up on everything and figure out whether they were mass producing faulty units. Then, on September 1, Yonhap News published a report saying the company is preparing to announce a global recall.

A recall of devices worldwide would be necessary as this Samsung device doesn’t have a removable battery accessible to owners. Instead, the Galaxy Note 7 will need to be sent back to centers for in-house inspection and repair; however, no one is sure as to whether new units would be issued or if existing devices would be fixed. Both are costly, but the latter is massive write-down.

A Samsung spokesperson provided Talk Android with this statement:

“In response to questions on Galaxy Note7, we are conducting a thorough inspection. We will share the findings as soon as possible. Samsung is fully committed to providing the highest quality products to our consumers.”

We’ll be keeping up with this story as it unfolds, so stay with Talk Android for ongoing coverage and receive updates when Samsung announces its next steps.

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    Samsung one-piece of carbage never buy adding overpriced carbage like Apple
    Can’t even built a phone..I will be in touch with lawyer ,looking seriously at a class action lawsuit against Samsung!