Google Search app adds on-device app search, also confirms the LG V20 secondary screen

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Google is making it easier than ever to find information on your device through its main Google Search app. Sometimes it can be tough finding a specific text message or a particular song, but being able to search for it right from Google and get results from your device should speed that up.

Google listed a few examples that the new update is capable of, including finding contacts and messages, listening to a song or watching a video, or staying organized by doing things like checking off your grocery list. It currently works with Gmail, Spotify, and YouTube, but Google is planning on adding support for tons of other apps including Facebook Messenger, LinkedIn, Evernote, Glide, Todoist, and Google Keep. Seems like Keep should have been on the launch list, but oh well.

Searching for content this way won’t use your internet connection, either. It’s all done on-device to pull up on-device results, so you won’t have to worry about hitting your data allowance.

Interestingly, Google mentioned two ways you can access this app search function on the LG V20. There’s a dedicated shortcut that will first debut on the V20, but you can also access a shortcut on the second screen of the V20. It will also search LG’s pre-installed apps, too, not just Gmail and YouTube.

We didn’t really need more confirmation that the V20 was shipping with a second screen like its predecessor, but this makes it clear that Google is working closely with LG for their second 2016 flagship. Considering the V20 will be one of the first devices to launch with Android 7.0, it makes a lot of sense.

source: Google Search

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