Galaxy Note 7 battery explosions might have prompted Samsung to halt shipments


Samsung has begun delaying Galaxy Note 7 shipments, as the company is conducting additional quality control testing. While Samsung hasn’t confirmed the reason for this massive delay, it’s likely due to a growing number of reports that the Galaxy Note 7’s battery is exploding.

The Korean tech giant told Reuters that shipping was being delayed because of “additional tests being conducted for product quality.” Here’s the official statement:

“Shipments of the Galaxy Note 7 are being delayed due to additional tests being conducted for product quality.”

Halting shipments is a huge problem for Samsung right now. The company has previously mentioned that demand for the Galaxy Note 7 is exceeding supplies, creating a shortage. Demand is so high that Samsung has had to push the launch date of the phone back in select markets. A “quality control” delay like this will only hurt the company’s sales.

Samsung’s Galaxy S6 Edge sales were hurt last year due to production problems with the curved display. Reuters claims that some investors are fearing a repeat of that same sales performance if the company doesn’t move quickly to remedy whatever current problems are going on.


The company is already having trouble meeting demand, but now that there’s a halt on shipments because of quality control, this could pose a serious issue for sales performance.

Samsung hasn’t confirmed any problems yet, but the Korea Herald says that there are several reports from Korea and overseas of the battery exploding in the phone while charging. Sources close to the Korea Herald say that Samsung has launched an investigation into the problem and will make an announcement on the results of the investigation soon.

source: Reuters

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