Pebble 4.0 update brings new health features and quick actions

pebble 4.0

Pebble’s latest software update is here, bringing the smartwatch up to version 4.0. The update tweaks and reworks the health features that Pebble has been polishing up for the past few months, but there are some new UI changes, too.

The Pebble app itself has been cleaned up a bit to make it easier to glance at your health activity over the past day, week, or month, but most changes are on your wrist. You can now press up on your Pebble from the watch face to quickly jump into your health metrics. This covers your steps and sleeps, but you’ll be able to see other information like averages, distance walked, time spent in deep sleep, and everything else that Pebble tracks.

Opposite the health tracking you’ll find Pebble’s Timeline feature that was a big selling point on the watch’s original iteration. You can scroll through your agenda over the next few days and access quick views on your events, showing you additional details on things like your calendar entries and apps.

pebble launcher

The launcher portion of Pebble’s interface has also gotten a bit sleeker. Text is smaller so more can be shown at once, which is a stark difference from the previous implementation of only showing one app at a time. There are also tiny snippets of information on those listings that tell you a little bit about each app’s current content, which might just save you a few clicks from needing to even open the app.

Overall the update should make your watch faster and easier to use, and definitely looks good for the upcoming Pebble Time 2 lineup.

About the Author: Jared Peters

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