Samsung’s next flagship to see significant camera changes


Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 has barely launched, and we’re already starting to hear rumors concerning the company’s next flagship, what we assume will be the Galaxy S8. This latest rumor, coming by way of SamMobile, indicates a significant change to the rear camera setup.

This leak claims that the Galaxy S8 will sport dual-rear cameras, similar to that of, say, the Honor 8. The first camera will remain as the 12-megapixel sensor we’re currently seeing on many of Samsung’s devices. But, a 13-megapixel sensor will accompany it, allowing for better depth-of-field.

The front-camera will also get a makeover, apparently. Samsung has traditionally gone with a 5-megapixel sensor here, but rumor has it that they’ll opt for an upgraded 8-megapixel shooter. As you might imagine, SamMobile‘s source says that an iris scanner will be on-board as well. That isn’t as surprising, since the Galaxy Note 7 already features this. It would only make sense that they would pass that feature onto its next flagship.


It’s obviously way too early to start speculating on Samsung’s next flagship. If the company plans on announcing it right before Mobile World Congress as it has in the past, we’ve got at least six months to go.

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While it’s neat to hear that photography in its next flagship will see a significant change, the handset is no doubt deep in the preparation stages. That said, a lot can can change in six months, so take this rumor as it was intended to be: a rumor.

source: Weibo
via: SamMobile

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