The Information Commissioner’s Office doesn’t like WhatsApp’s new privacy policy


Last week WhatsApp announced an update to its privacy policy that specified that the messaging app would be sharing some of your information with Facebook. Most people want to share less information with Facebook, not more, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that the change is not flying under the radar.

Britain’s Information Commission’s Office, which handles overseeing use of personal data in the UK, is investigating the privacy policy after the change. The biggest pain points will likely be the lack of transparency in what information is being shared between the two companies, as well as the opt-out process for sharing that data.

When Facebook originally acquired WhatsApp, they committed to not sharing information between the services, which will pretty obviously prompt an investigation into this privacy policy.

This is in a very early stage so we won’t see any effects soon, but since Facebook is constantly under a microscope when it comes to consumer data, this will certainly stay in the spotlight.

source: Independent

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