T-Mobile One unlimited plan getting tweaked after customer feedback


When T-Mobile One was announced, it wasn’t exactly met with a warm reception, despite what John Legere yelled about on Twitter. There are aspects of the plan that are no doubt great for customers, but the drawbacks are very apparent. Fortunately, T-Mobile is taking some of that feedback to heart and tweaking the new plan to make things a little more palatable for all of us.

The core of the plan is the same, for better or worse. There’s still only the one simple plan that still has some limits on data speeds, but T-Mobile has raised the ceiling that makes things a bit better. Hotspot data, for example, is getting bumped up to 3G speeds. That’s 4x faster than what was announced at launch, and even though that’s still not great for high definition video it’s much better than a barely-usable 128kbps.

The carrier will also offer HD day passes for video where you can pay $3 per day to stream as much HD video as you want, getting around the 480p cap on the network. That won’t help users that watch YouTube daily, but if you only need the HD video every once in awhile, it’s a nice option.

There is also an odd connectivity add-on called T-Mobile One Plus that costs $25 and will give you unlimited LTE mobile hotspot data, unlimited HD day passes, and 2x faster international speeds. This package replaces the previous $15 add-on for tethering and the $25 add-on for unlimited HD video, but it does it differently. You have to manually activate the HD day pass to get actual HD video instead of everything automatically being un-throttled, which is really odd, but otherwise it offers everything the old add-on did and more.

These changes help, but they’re still frustrating. It feels like T-Mobile is nickel and diming customers for things that we expect ($3 for HD video today, $25 this month for LTE mobile hotspot data, etc.) which feels more like Verizon and AT&T more than ever before. The new release did specify that current customers can keep their current plans for as long as they want, so there’s that.

The new plan will go live on September 1st.

source: T-Mobile

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