The LG V20 is going to sound really good

lg v20 sound

LG used a very nice DAC in the V10 last year, and they’re doubling down on that for this year’s V20. The latest teaser image directly from LG has their new phone sitting on a microphone stand with a caption “hear, see, and more.” 

LG has already confirmed that the V20 will be the first smartphone to use a 32-bit Quad HiFi DAC, and they’re almost guaranteed to keep the dual-screen setup at the top of the phone, completely filling in the “hear” and “see” part of the slogan. Now we just need to know what the “more” part will cover.

As of right now, we’re expecting the V20 to be one of the first devices running Android 7.0 in the wild, plus utilize a Snapdragon 820 CPU, 4 GB of RAM, and stick with a 5.7-inch screen.

An announcement from LG shouldn’t be too far off. Just wait for the Galaxy Note 7 dust to settle.

source: LG

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