Samsung reported to begin selling refurbished smartphones in 2017


Samsung makes a lot of profit from its mobile division selling its high-end Galaxy S and Galaxy Note phones, as well as a confusing smörgåsbord of lesser devices, which has led to the company being criticized over its scatter-gun approach to developing handsets. So how does the Korean electronics giant come up with a new stream of revenue that won’t saturate the market even further? One way is to have an official refurbishment program which could be officially unveiled in 2017.

According to Reuter’s source, Samsung is in the process of developing a program to sell refurbished models of its top-end Galaxy S and Galaxy Note phones as a way of maintaining its growth in the global smartphone market.

These refurbished handsets will be acquired from users who signed up to the one-year upgrade programs for the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy Note 7 that are available in  South Korea and the US. The unnamed source says that Samsung will then sell these phones at an unspecified discount to prospective buyers who may not be able to afford to purchase the handset at its brand new cost, possibly in developing countries. The move could help Samsung fend off the competition in the form of Xiaomi, OnePlus, and other Chinese handset makers who consistently produce hardware at lower prices. It isn’t known as yet where the refurbished smartphone program might launch, but according to the source, it’s going to happen at some point next year.

A refurbished device usually has its casing and battery replaced before being sold on to the next buyer and often has a shortened warranty period. Bearing that in mind, if the refurbished smartphone program came to your region, would you consider it if the handset was discounted down to a reasonable price?

Source: Reuters

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