LG V20 preorders might go live on September 14th, launch on September 23rd


The LG V10 launched last October, so we’re getting pretty close to the point when we can expect the V20 to become official. We’ve already heard a few rumors about the hardware LG is using, and there have been a few design leaks, but we still need to know when to actually expect the phone.

According to a tipster on Reddit, LG might open up their preorders for the V20 on September 14th with a launch on the 23rd. That’s a pretty normal preorder window for a flagship phone, so those dates make sense. It’s also about 11 months after the launch of the V10, so again, very plausible dates.

Preorder bonuses include an extra battery and hand grip, or a memory module, hinting that LG’s add-on accessories are still going to be front and center. T-Mobile will be throwing in a year of Hulu and 3 Vudu rentals.

The biggest pain point I can see with those dates is that it’s going to put the V20 right in the way of Apple’s hype train. Mid-September is usually prime time for iPhone preorders and releases, and as great as the LG V20 will probably be, I don’t think LG is going to come out ahead in that battle. Even Samsung strategically positions their launches before any iPhone announcements, and with good reason.

If earlier rumors pan out, the V20 will come with a Snapdragon 820 CPU paired with 4 GB of RAM, a 21 megapixel rear camera (with some kind of dual-camera setup) and Android 7.0 out of the box. LG is also talking up the DAC in the phone, and it seems like we’ll see more modules like we saw with the G5.

source: Reddit

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