Hangouts On Air migrates to YouTube Live from September 12


Google  announced the rollout of its video chat app, Duo, earlier today, but as it’s launching one new service, the search giant is also stripping a function away from an existing app, Google+. No longer will Hangouts On Air live broadcasts be tied to Google’s often overlooked, cherished by some, social media app. From September 12th, users wanting to start live broadcasts will have to so via YouTube Live.


It’s a move that makes sense, to be honest, as YouTube is all about video content. The Hangouts app was, and still is, something of a Frankenstein app, with odd functions and features tacked on seemingly willy-nilly, while having its hands tied at the same time by Google not allowing it to become the unified messaging platform Android users want.

Previously recorded Hangouts On Air content will still be available to access, but users aren’t able to schedule new events on Google+ after September 12th. After that date, users will have to use the events scheduling features built into YouTube Live.

What’s going to happen to the Hangouts app then? Well, it seems that Google is angling it towards enterprise, with video chat to still be available to 1-on-1 and team meetings. As for Google+, it’s another feature that has been stripped away from it following the loss of integration with the Play Store.

Today’s announcement means that users will no longer have to touch Google+ to live broadcast, meaning there’s one less reason to go near the Google+ platform. While it’s a little premature to talk about the demise of Google+, the moving of the Hangouts On Air feature to YouTube Live does feel like a few more nails have been hammered into its coffin. What do you think of the move?

Source: Google

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