Pair of HTC 10 Desire smartphones in pipeline for possible September launch

HTC Desire 825 2

The news about T-Mobile shelving the HTC 10 does not paint a pretty picture for the struggling smartphone manufacturer that was hoping this year’s flagship might help turn things around. The company will now set its sights on  the impact new Nexus models may have as they are the supplier for this year’s round. Today sources indicate HTC has some new mid-range devices being prepped for a September launch, the HTC Desire 10 Pro and the HTC Desire 10 Lifestyle, that may help shore up the business as well.

Both of the devices are meant to target the mid-tier market, so we do not expect the hardware and features to be anything truly noteworthy. A good sign of that is the display of the Desire 10 Lifestyle which will apparently only run at 720p resolution on a 5.5-inch screen. That particular device will apparently run on a Snapdragon processor and will come with either 3GB or 2GB of RAM matched up with 32GB of internal storage or 16GB of storage respectively.

As far as cameras go, the Desire 10 Lifestyle is thought to come with a 13MP rear-facing camera and a 5MP front-facing camera. Both should be capable of recording full 1080p HD video even if the device is unable to display it. HTC has carved out a niche reputation for providing quality sound in their smartphones and the Desire 10 Lifestyle is no exception. Sources indicate the device is getting something called Boomsound Hi-Fi Edition stereo with 24-bit audio capability. HTC may ship some higher quality than normal earbuds to help enhance the audio experience for buyers.

From a design standpoint, the Desire 10 Lifestyle is expected to have a metallic gold trim on the edges and various hardware elements. The case is expected to be a solid, matte finish available in several colors.

Of the two devices, the Desire 10 Lifestyle is believed to be the one with the lower specifications of the two. Details about the Desire 10 Pro are not yet known, but they will probably be only marginally better. HTC appears to be targeting a launch date in late September. No information on markets or pricing has been revealed yet.

source: VentureBeat

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