T-Mobile won’t be carrying the HTC 10 anymore


It’s beginning to look like the HTC 10 is gone for good on T-Mobile. The device disappeared last month, but reappeared on the carrier days after. Now, the HTC 10 has been removed from the site yet again, but this time, a T-Mobile representative is saying it’s gone for good.

You can see for yourself by heading on over to T-Mobile’s website and filtering by HTC only. You’ll only see one HTC smartphone, and that’s the Desire 530.

T-Mobile hasn’t mentioned why they pulled the device, but in a scenario like this, it’s almost always because of poor sales performance. Is the HTC 10 not performing well? It’s quite possible, sitting at quite a high price of $700, though some of T-Mobile’s device plans make the price a bit easier to swallow.

We can speculate all we want, but T-Mobile hasn’t said anything other than that “the device is no longer available.”


If you’re saddened by this news, worry not. You can still head on over to HTC’s website and buy it outright for the $700. If that’s a bit too much to swallow, HTC does offer a financing option.

Still, this news is rather intriguing considering that T-Mobile has only been selling the handset since mid-May. It certainly didn’t have a long run.

source: T-Mobile
via: TmoNews

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