NVIDIA’s next SHIELD tablet might be left on the cutting room floor


The NVIDIA SHIELD K1 was a solid gaming tablet that could stand steady with its cheap $199 price tag. Considering it was the second tablet in the lineup, and NVIDIA enjoys other products in their SHIELD lineup, it would only make sense to keep expanding the line. There was an FCC filing for a new NVIDIA tablet that suggested a new tablet was on the way, but that might not be the case.

According to a letter from NVIDIA to the FCC, the company has requested a cancellation of the previous filing for a new SHIELD tablet. For “business reasons,” they’re no longer planning on releasing the product and have confirmed that the device hasn’t been sold or market in any country.

It’s a disappointing move for anyone that was invested in NVIDIA’s ecosystem and wanted an upgraded tablet, but NVIDIA does still offer a few other devices that aren’t completely ruled out. A new SHIELD portable device is still in the cards, and since that device hasn’t been upgraded in quite some time, a refresh would be very welcome.

The Android tablet market is tough, especially in the sub-$200 segment. There are tons and tons of available options, and while most of them are junk, that still makes it hard to stand out in a very noisy crowd. That could explain NVIDIA’s hesitation to pour more money into the situation, especially if they weren’t seeing any return on investment.

source: FCC
via: Android Police

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