No more Google+ integration in Google Play Store


The rumors that Google was burying Google+ may have been slightly exaggerated, but that doesn’t mean the half-baked social media site isn’t slowly being purged from other aspects of Google’s services. We’ve already seen the Google+ requirement dropped from YouTube comments, and that same treatment is coming to the Play Store itself.

Previously, the Play Store required a G+ account to review any apps, but that prerequisite has been removed entirely. Anyone with a Google account can drop reviews for apps they’ve downloaded without having to convert to a Google+ account. This is almost identical to the YouTube requirement that used to exist.

Google also had a People section of the Play Store that showed apps recommended from people you follow on Google+. That section is completely gone, along with the ability to +1 apps on their Play Store page. That’s unfortunate if you used your Google+ friends to curate apps and games for you, but there are plenty of alternatives to find decent apps on Google’s massive store.

At this point, I think it’s safe to say that Google+ has completely missed the mark for Google. It initially had “high” usage numbers because of Google’s heavy-handed approach to forcing everyone with a Gmail account to sign up for it and locking services behind it, but it clearly didn’t gain much traction with most users. We’re already overloaded with other social apps, and the world really didn’t need another major service trying to be the hub of everything.

If you’re still seeing G+ integration in your Play Store, just wait for Google to rollout the update to you over the coming week.

source: Ars Technica

About the Author: Jared Peters

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