Lenovo prepares for IFA 2016, teases new Moto Mods and Moto 360


During IFA 2016, Lenovo is going to launch a new range of products for the upcoming holiday season. The company released a sneak peek video on Thursday that revealed its plans for the second half of the year and the early months of next year.

What’s in store from Lenovo? The video highlights a new Moto 360 and another wave of Moto Mods for its flagship phone.

Hit the break for the video.

Lenovo’s video shows laptops, Windows and Android tablets, bendable phones, smartwatches, and other hardware throughout.

The video’s narrator actually explicitly states what’s on the way:

“Follow us at IFA as we reveal our latest innovations from a new chapter in tablets to new Moto Mods, from devices that blur the lines of creativity and productivity, to a whole new kind of intuitive keyboard.

Witness what makes Lenovo different for the sake of better.”

So, yes, you will get to see new devices from the company in just a couple of weeks. With fresh Moto Mods, Lenovo is showing a real effort to give more value to the Moto Z and prove that modular phones can be sustainable unlike the LG G5. Talk Android‘s review of the phone noted that Lenovo would need to show its commitment to Moto Mods in order for the Moto Z to ever be considered a success.


Unlike other products showcased in the video, this is our first time hearing about the Moto 360 (2016). Nothing has been said about the next Moto smartwatch until now. At the top of everyone’s wishlist for it is the removal of the flat tire at the bottom of the display; however, there will be a number of people not wanting to sacrifice the ambient light sensor for that.

We’ll know exactly what Lenovo is doing later this month when the company hosts its 2016 Holiday Product Launch on August 31. Our very own Peter Holden will be there live in Berlin for Lenovo’s event and everything else happening at IFA 2016, so stick with Talk Android for that.

Source: Lenovo (YouTube)

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