Galaxy Note 7 is capable of hitting record max brightness of over 1000 nits


Whenever Samsung releases a new flagship device, it almost always takes the crown for having the best display ever. Then Samsung releases a newer flagship a few months later, and then that phone has the best display ever. Now we’re just stuck in a cycle where Samsung keeps making the best displays and outdoing themselves without any stiff competition from other OEMs.

It shouldn’t surprise you that the Note 7, once again, has been declared to have the best smartphone display ever.  Samsung went all out with features for the Note 7 to help it out, and they nailed every aspect of this OLED display. It’s colorful, bright, and accurate, and broke a few records that we weren’t really expecting.

It holds the smartphone display performance records for the widest color gamut and highest contrast rating in ambient light, but it’s now the king of bright smartphone displays, too. With the automatic brightness setting turned on, the Galaxy Note 7 can hit 1,048 nits of brightness, which is almost 20% better than the Galaxy S7. If you opt out of automatic brightness, the Note 7 will go up to 639 nits of brightness with the brightness slider turned all the way up, which isn’t quite as bright but that’s still pretty blinding for most use cases.

Samsung also went for two ambient display sensors on the Note 7, including one on the front and one on the back. This should help the phone more intelligently manage ambient lighting to control screen brightness, which means more accurate brightness levels and less battery drain.

It also has the lowest screen reflectance and the best viewing angle on a smartphone display. There really isn’t anything this display can’t do.

source: Display Mate

About the Author: Jared Peters

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  • THEREAL-PapaSnarf

    Will it have the same issues as other AMOLED screen with Image retention or Burn in? And before anyone says “thats never happened to me before” Just google the THOUSANDS of people who have had this issue over the past few years.

    • Answer

      There has not been scientific breakthrough yet to solve this. So yes.

      • THEREAL-PapaSnarf

        Finally an honest answer. Hopefully the will be a break trough soon.

  • Robert John Hebert

    4×4 MIMO is one of several features necessary for me to upgrade to the Note 7… Samsung must put the power button and USBc connection on the top, get rid of the fingerprint/power button on the front (move to back), add in 8gB RAM, 128gB internal newer high-speed memory, compatible with 256gB newer high-speed external memory, 9999mAh battery, and in-the-box must be: high speed wired, wireless & car chargers, wireless 4gB earbuds, USBc Gear VR, and Gear S3 smartphone/watch…

    Otherwise I’ll keep using my flagship Samsung Note Edge (4) smartphone and Gear S G3 smartphone/watch… FOREVER!

    G3 phone reception is better, clearer, more reliable on my Samsung Gear S G3 smartphone/watch than on any G4 Samsung phone…