New Nexus phones are getting tweaked Settings menu and a Night Light mode


Google’s latest iterations of Nexus devices are shaping up to offer some killer standout features, and the leaks continue to trickle in building on Google’s philosophy of making some things exclusive to the Nexus line instead of adding everything to AOSP. The latest rumor from Android Police suggests that we’ll see a night mode make its way back into Android at some point, even though the feature was present in some early Android 7.0 builds before being left on the cutting room floor.

The mode is pretty simple, and it’s something that you may have already seen on other phones. It’s called Night Light and it removes the blue pixels from your screen, which theoretically makes it easier on your eyes late at night. You can set a custom schedule or use sunrise and sunset data to choose when the effect kicks in.

Aside from the color changing feature, Google also appears to have created a slide out side panel for the settings menu, giving you a quick way to hop back and forth among things like Sound, Display, WiFi, etc. Considering how those side drawers are used everywhere else in Android and Google’s app, this change makes perfect sense. The basic settings app also has a different pane for Google Support, which is a live support service dedicated to getting help with your Nexus device.

That’s not all that’s in the rumor, though. Google is adding a double-tap shortcut that will allow you to quickly activate the ambient display on your device to check notifications without actually having to turn it on or pick it up. Tons of devices have tried their hand at ambient displays and always-on displays, including Google, but the double-tap gesture is unique.

There’s no telling if these features will make their way to Android 7.0 for all devices, but at this point I think it seems likely they’ll be reserved for Nexus devices, and possibly only the newest devices at that. With an official release for Nougat coming closer and closer, hopefully that means we see new Nexus devices to confirm all of these rumors.

source: Android Police

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