LG will launch the V20 in San Francisco on September 6th


Details about LG’s second flagship of the year, the V20, have been hard to come by, unlike Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 that was practically laid bare days before its launch event. Pretty much the only thing we’ve really known about the V20 has been that it will be one of, if not, the first handset running Android 7.0 Nougat, and will launch sometime in September. Until today, that is. 


As you can see from the image above, LG has announced that the V20 will launch at an event in San Francisco on September 6th, with a ‘Play More’ theme that could relate to Google’s Daydream VR platform that we should see launched with the next generation of Nexus phones.

In terms of hardware, it’s likely that the V20 will sport a 5.7-inch QHD display, with a Snapdragon 820 (or 821) processor and 4GB of RAM and a minimum of 32GB of internal storage backed up by a MicroSD card. The cameras on the previous flagship, the G5, were well-received not so long ago, so don’t expect to see LG reinvent the wheel in this area either. It’s a coin toss as to whether LG will carry on the trait of giving the V20 a secondary display as seen on the V10. To be honest, it’s not entirely clear just how LG will differentiate the V20 from the G5 in terms of hardware and functionality. Hopefully, LG will endow the V20 with a premium finish that actually feels like it’s made of metal, unlike the G5 that simply felt and looked plasticky.

While September 6th is still just over a month away, we should start seeing the leaks from both official and unofficial sources increasing from a drop to more of a stream in the meantime. What features would you like to see on the V20?

Source: LG

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