Outdoor activity will be a big part of the Gear S3 from Samsung


Samsung is expected to launch the Gear S3 at IFA 2016 in September, but information regarding the company’s flagship wearable isn’t being shy. The smartwatch, known internally as Solis, is going to come with a round display and a rotating bezel while the software inside is Tizen. Those are all things we’re familiar with from the Gear S2 that was released in 2015. Now we’re finding out what will be different as there’s a report out today saying Samsung is catering to the activity nut in all of us with special capabilities.

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The Gear S3, according to SamMobile, will have an altimeter, barometer, speedometer, and GPS.

These are all things that you’ll want if you’re someone who likes being active in the outdoors:

  • Altimeter: measures altitude
  • Barometer: measures air pressures
  • Speedometer: measures speed
  • GPS: tracks location

Activities like hiking, surfing, running, and biking will be perfect matches for the smartwatch.

Altogether, the Gear S3 should be able to analyze your environment and track activity with highly accurate results. Everything would be accessible for viewing both on the smartwatch and on a phone through a companion app.

Because of the components inside, there’s actually a rumor going around that Samsung will call the smartwatch the Gear S3 Frontier. It could help push more units as a generic smartwatch might not appeal to those who enjoy activity tracking in their devices. Samsung would capture the attention of casual and niche consumers with a smartwatch that appears simple but offers activity-focused features.

Source: SamMobile

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  • Al Jalaikakik

    Tizen? No thanks!

    • Richard Dennis

      Exactly, as long as they hold out with Tizen, its going to be a big fat fail for me.. Amazing hardware with shitty software = shitty watch..

      • Justin_Herrick

        Would you rather have Android Wear? For most, using Android Wear doesn’t make sense. You can’t customize it in the same way as Android on phones or tablets. That’s why I think Android Wear, Android TV, and Android Auto have stalled.

        • Richard Dennis

          In fact i would rather have AW.. I have used both.. With my Note4 and AW wins hands down.. And i am a Sammy fan.. But Tizen is not my favorite OS. Its all about opinions and thats mine.