Google brings historic Rio exhibits and landmarks to a digital art collection

rio street view

Samsung isn’t the only one getting in on the Olympic-themed action, as Google has just announced a big addition to Street View in Google Maps. Technically, Google’s is less Olympic-related and more Rio-related, but it’s close enough.

Google partnered with eight of Rio’s top art institutions to allow users to browse and view several art exhibits and landmarks in historic Rio de Janeiro, including Street View maps, photos from exhibits, and even some Google Cardboard tours.

You’ll be able to view the famous Christ the Redeemer statue that sits on Corcovado mountain in virtual reality, see all of the music album covers designed by Elifas Andreato, or view archived photos of Rio throughout the years. If you’re more interested in the day-to-day aspect of Rio, Google has also mapped tons of the favelas throughout the city that cover over 10,000 local businesses.

The art collection is available on Google’s website, just in time to brush up on the deep cultural history of Rio before the Olympics officially kick off on August 5th.

source: Google Blog