Tinder launches Tinder Social, a better way to make connections


Tinder was all about a party of two getting together, but the company is kicking it up a notch with something called Tinder Social. Tinder realizes that some of your best nights are usually nights that are out with friends, and that’s where Tinder Social comes in. This new feature will match you up with your friends in a group and give you plenty of chances to spark a connection in another group.

From Tinder:

“Upgrade your social life any night of the week—if you want to go out, invite friends to join your group, then swipe and match with other groups nearby who are also going out. Message your matches, see where they’re going, make a plan or just find out where people are headed, meet up and have fun.”

Everything is all very anonymous as well. If you don’t make a connection or just aren’t mixing well with the group you matched up with, at noon the next day your matches disappear.

One thing Tinder realizes: it’s easier to make friends when you have people your familiar with around you. And you never know, maybe Tinder Social will help you make that one special connection we’re all looking for.

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source: Tinder

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