Watch Samsung unbox the Galaxy S7 Edge Olympic Edition


Samsung recently created a colorful new Galaxy S7 Edge in honor of the Olympics in Rio, and today’s the day it’s been officially released. We’ve already gone over some of the details about the special edition of the phone, most of which revolves around a color scheme designed to match the Olympics, but now you can get a closer look thanks to an unboxing video from Samsung directly.

Like the Injustice Edition Galaxy S7 Edge, the phone comes with unique packaging, and the software has been tweaked with Olympic-themed software and apps. You’ll also get the Olympic Rings marked on the back of the device.

The device and the software that’s included have a very dark look that’s accented with bright, bold colors. You can see on the device itself that the black is paired with gold, green, blue, and red hardware buttons and trims, and the default theme matches that. That also means the default theme probably takes great advantage of AMOLED screens’ ability to sip battery with lots of dark colors.

I don’t know that I’d want a device with that many colors all the time, but seeing the video of it in action really makes it look appealing. Usually slapping red, green, and blue on a phone then topping it off with gold trim looks pretty tacky, but Samsung managed to pull this one off without coming off as gaudy.

You can find the video below. If you’re interested, Best Buy is selling the device for $850, but keep in mind this will probably be a very limited edition run.

About the Author: Jared Peters

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