We’re already getting our first look at Sony’s next Xperia flagship


Sony isn’t wasting any time getting another flagship out before the year’s end.

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Earlier today, GSMArena shared live photographs of an unannounced Xperia device from Sony that is allegedly the company’s next flagship. This phone, known internally by its model number F8331, is meant to be the successor the the recently-released Xperia X Performance.

The F8331’s display is said to be “slightly bigger” than the 5-inch panel its predecessor has, but the resolution will stay at Full HD (1920×1080).

The overall design of the F8331 is a little different than what we’ve seen from Sony in the past with other Xperia devices. While the left and right sides have a curve to them, the top and bottom are flat with sharp edges.

On the front, it appears to be a familiar Xperia device because of its massive top and bottom bezels. Front-facing stereo speakers are present as well. The back, though, is slightly different. It seems like Sony is implementing dual-LED flash with laser autofocus.

The source does note that the rear- and front-facing cameras both have 4K video recording at the ready.

Like the rest of the Xperia X phones released this summer, the F8331 is made of aluminum rather than the Xperia Z series’ glass.


The biggest change is on the bottom because that’s where we’re seeing the company is going to move away from micro-USB and into USB Type-C. No need to worry, friends. The auxiliary port is still here. Sony isn’t following Lenovo’s decision to remove the component from its 2016 flagship.

Say what you want, but I think this still looks like any other Xperia device from Sony. It just won’t matter what’s released if the company can’t figure out a smart strategy and stick with it. On the latest episode of the Talk Android Podcast, we briefly discussed the questionable decisions made by Sony recently.

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When should you expect to see Sony go public with the F8331? Probably during IFA 2016 in September. That’s an event the company always attends because of its global exposure.

Source: GSMArena

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