Nest announces its first outdoor-friendly security camera


Nest today announced a new security camera product, but this time for the outdoor world: the Nest Cam Outdoor. The company in the past previously only sold security cameras for inside the home, but with the addition of the Nest Cam Outdoor to its product lineup, consumers will now be able to outfit their homes with a fully weatherproof camera from Nest.

Nest in its blog post noted that the Nest Cam Outdoor can do the exact same things the Nest Cam does. The major difference here is that it’s weatherproof, meaning it can survive in the rain and snow with no issue.

One of the problems with outdoor security cameras is that they can get tricky to install. Many are certainly not do-it-yourself friendly, but the Nest Cam Outdoor was built so that any homeowner or renter can easily install it themselves. Whether you want to install it on wood, brick or stucco, it’s no problem! It even comes with a magnetic mount in the case that you just want to stick on something like a rain gutter.

Like we mentioned earlier, the Nest Cam Outdoor is identical to the Nest Cam as far as functionality goes. That means it comes with the same microphone and speaker, allowing you to scare off suspicious visitors or talk to the delivery man without ever being present.


Nest Cam Outdoor isn’t available right away; however, it’s up for pre-order through the official Nest Store, Best Buy and other retailers. Initial plans are to launch this fall, though no specific date was set.

Additionally, the Nest app got some improvements as well, offering quicker access to see your live feeds. Not only that, but later this year Nest is launching something called Person Alerts as part of the Nest Aware subscription. Here’s how it works:

“With a Nest Aware subscription, Nest Cam can use powerful cloud algorithms to determine if there’s a person in frame and send you a special alert. So you’ll know if someone’s actually there, or if it was just a car passing by – and get fewer false alerts overall. Nest Cam will even tell you it thinks it saw a person but wasn’t sure.”

It goes without saying, despite some recent turmoil, some neat things are happening at Nest as far as its smart home product lineup goes.

Anyone plan on pre-ordering the new Nest Cam Outdoor? Be sure to let us know in the comments section below.

source: Nest

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