Android Pay now available in Australia, is Canada next?

After much anticipation, Google has finally made its contactless payment service Android Pay available within Australia.

The neat thing about this launch is that 60% of Australians already make payments with a contactless card, meaning many retailers have already swapped out their terminals with contactless terminals. That said, Android Pay users should have no trouble finding stores to use Google’s contactless payment service at.

Keep in mind that you will need a supported card from a participating bank to use Android Pay. The full list of Australian banks participating in Android Pay can be found straight from Google. Unfortunately, it seems like banks using Visa or American Express are only on the list right now, but more should be coming soon.


Android Pay will work on any Android device running on version 4.4 (KitKat) or higher with a near-field communication chip (NFC). If Android Pay isn’t already pre-installed on your handset, you can grab it from here.

Now that Android Pay has made its way to the US, UK, Singapore and Australia, where will the contactless payment service go next? Well, there’s been no official confirmation, but rumor has it that Android Pay could be on its way to Canada soon.

Tyler Rochwerg tweeted a picture of a payment terminal in Canada suddenly showing support for Android Pay in Canada. He noted that the terminal only used to show Apple Pay before, but now the Android Pay logo has been added to the list.

Here’s the full tweet:

Could it be a careless mistake, as Rochwerg points out? It’s possible, but a later tweet shows a side-by-side comparison of the logos, noting that when the Apple Pay logo appeared, it launched in the same month. Here’s the photo from that tweet:


If the Android Pay logo starting to appear on terminals in Canada is any indication of an imminent Android Pay launch, Canada could have Google’s contactless payment service any day now.

source: The Sydney Morning Herald, Tyler Rochwerg (Twitter)

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