‘Pokémon Go’ has generated $14 million in revenue already


A new report coming by way of research firm SuperData is saying that Pokémon Go, in the few days that it’s been available across mobile platforms, has already generated a whopping $14 million in revenue.

Many have wondered how Pokémon Go was making money. On the surface, that seems to be coming by way of in-app purchases. Players can purchase an in-game currency called PokéCoins, which can range from $1 for 100 PokéCoins or $100 for 14,500 PokéCoins.

It goes without saying, Pokémon Go is a huge hit. The $14 million in revenue already is hardly surprising, as the new game is making waves on social media everyday. It’s getting nationwide (and worldwide) attention very frequently from established news outlets, for a myriad of different reasons. CNN recently reported that Pokémon Go led a couple of teens to finding a dead body, and while that’s a good thing, Pokémon Go players have been subject to a few unfortunate events as well.

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Either way, the game is getting a lot of attention, putting it in a critical position. These quick bursts of popularity are never too good for a company, as it’s always short-term. People get excited, and then as a two week passes, maybe a month, many forget about what was so popular. That’s why Pokémon Go is in such a critical position right now. As SuperData mentioned in its report, will Pokémon Go be able to garner a loyal following from all of this popularity? That’s something we’ll have to find out in the coming weeks and months.

In the meantime, Pokémon Go‘s popularity is already breaking records. Other titles in the franchise, such as Pokémon Shuffle Mobile, has made $14.03 million since it’s release in August of 2015. Pokémon Go has broke that record, making an early estimate of $14.04 million. And, of course, that number will only grow.

Pokémon is a loved franchise among many. Feature films, the cartoon series, and the trading card game has no doubt helped cultivate the franchise’s success. But, if Pokémon Go is a testament to how successful Nintendo is able to make a game, it makes us wonder what the company has up their sleeves for future titles.

source: SuperData

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