[TA Deals] This course will teach you the Java Essentials for Android


Did you know Android is based on the Java programming language? That’s why many developers say that learning Java is a good start for understanding how to build complex Android applications. If you’re wanting to become an Android developer, it goes without saying, Java is a big key to that.

Java is fairly easy to pick up if you stick with it and don’t stop when exercises or problems get hard. And we’ve got the perfect course for you over on Talk Android Deals for getting well on your way to knowing Java. The Java Essentials for Android course will teach you everything you need to get started and help you excel as an Android developer.

  • Get fully versed in Java w/ over 103 lectures & 8.5 hours of content
  • Get introduced to Android Studio IDE
  • Study automated testing w/ JUnit w/ a special emphasis on test-driven development
  • Understand Java data types
  • Install the tools needed for Android development
  • Study strings, control structures (if-then-else, loops), methods, classes & more
  • Understand inheritance, interfaces, & polymorphism
  • Learn about arrays & arrayLists
  • Get fully prepared to succeed in a profession Android course

This course is really special. with over 100 lectures, you can very quickly be on your way to learning all of the essential Java programming concepts for Android.

This course normally would cost you around $90, but for a limited time only, you can grab the Java Essentials for Android from us for just $34!

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