Project Fi customers now get high-speed data while traveling abroad


Google’s Project Fi is getting a huge improvement, as another network, Three, is coming on board. This will allow Project Fi users to experience high-speed data even while traveling internationally.

Google’s Project Fi is different in that it isn’t a single network, but a collection of networks. T-Mobile and Sprint are helping power it, and US Cellular just recently came on board as well. But now, Google has reached a deal with Three to offer that high-speed data abroad as well.

Many Americans, when traveling internationally, choose to jump between Wi-Fi networks or even pop in a local SIM card. This is because data abroad is extremely slow–roaming data just doesn’t do anything for you anymore. That’s where Google’s partnership with Three comes in, saying that Project Fi now has “service in more than a dozen additional countries totaling¬†135+ destinations worldwide.


Google says that with the addition of Three, Project Fi will be able to deliver speeds 10-20X faster than before. However, that’s probably only where Three has coverage, which is in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Italy, Sweden, Denmark, Hong Kong, and Austria.

That said, you probably won’t be experiencing those high speeds in all 135+ countries until Google is able to add a few more networks to Project Fi.

Despite that, even with the addition of Three to Project Fi, customers still are only paying that attractive flat rate of $10 per 1GB of data.

Are you on Project Fi? Will this latest addition encourage you to move over to the network?

source: Google


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