New Dead Zebra figures support Bear Awareness

dead zebra bear awareness

Bears can be pretty scary, and I don’t think there are very many people who would argue against you on that. It’s important to be aware of any potential wild bears while you’re out camping during the summer months, which is why Dead Zebra is crafting some unique Android collectible figures to push that bear awareness.

Dead Zebra is known for making some really cool figures and collectibles, and the bear awareness series is no exception. It includes a 3″ Android bear figure plus a 1 1/2″ scout figure keychain, and every order also gets a Bear Awareness achievement patch to top things off. The bigger bear feature even pops open so you can put the scout keychain inside of it, in case you’d like to role play what happens when a park ranger is not aware of bears in the vicinity.

If you’re interested in locking in an order, you can purchase the set in late July. You can also combine the figures with $3 display cases, which is a nice touch. Be sure to keep an eye on it if this set has your interest, and remember to keep your other eye on those bears.

source: Dead Zebra

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